Successfully Rehomed

We always love to see photographs of our adopted dogs once they’ve settled into their new homes.   Here are some of The Dobermann Trust dogs we’ve rehomed.

Elliot – <1 year old Brown/Rust male

Elliot has gone to live in Wales with his new sisters and mum and dad who will be spending the next few months teaching this young man some manners!

Rosie – 6 year old Black/Rust girlie

Rosie is enjoying lovely long walks in the fields in Yorkshire and playtime with her new family on the beach in their holiday home.  

Troy – 4 year old Black/Rust male

TroyHeadTroy has settled in well to his new home where he is being adored and spoiled

Hello, I’m Troy and I need a family of my own to love me forever.

I used to live with a Dobergirl but she went to live with someone else and then I came here to the Trust.

The helpers say I’m thin even though they give me nice big dinners and lots of treats, it’s just not the same as having a family of your own to cuddle up to.

I try to be a good boy and walk nice on my lead, I take my treats politely and I will sit and give paws, I know my basic obedience commands and when I’ve met new friends I’m not a pushy boy I’m quite timid but I soon come forward to play.

Gracie – 2 year old Brown/Rust girlie – rehomed

GracieRun15/01: We are delighted that Gracie is meeting a new family this weekend and hope that all goes well.

I’ve not had the best start in life but things are looking up!  I’ve been living with my Trust Foster Family for a while now.  They’ve helped me to learn new ways to cope with every day life and I’ve made huge progress.

I am feeling braver now and it’s time for a New Year and New family!  I am ready to venture into the big wide world and find an owner who will help me develop to my full potential.

I will be sad to leave behind my foster mum and dad and my two Doberchums and the cats, but I would like a home of my own with people who are around most of the day and can give me time, love and patience.


I’m energetic and I love to run and run, as long as I have one eye on where you are!

I’m also a very clever girl but because I’m a bit worried about everything I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on what I’m being asked to do, but I’m getting better at this.

I am very loving and affectionate and I love to snuggle in and have my ears rubbed.  I’ve lived with a cat and I don’t mind other dogs once I’ve got to know them.

Beau – 2 year old Brown/Rust Girlie – Rehomed


Hi, I’m Beau and I’m young and bouncy and I’ve got energy to spare.  I love nothing more than games of fetching, chasing and running.  I love to run.  I’d like a home where I can do some training.

I’ve been to obedience classes when I was younger but I can learn loads more.  I’d love to do some kind of sport.  Those A-Frames and seesaws that you see in Agility look fantastic fun and the dogs who run in Flyball relay races with tennis balls are having a great time too.  I could do that!  I could do anything with the right owner.  I don’t think I could live with a cat though or anything small and furry and no small people thanks.  Big grown ups are best I think.

I don’t mind car journeys so we can go anywhere!  Come on!  What are you waiting for?  Let’s GO GO GO!!!

Loki – <1 year Black/Rust Girlie- Rehomed

photo 6

Hello I’m Loki and I’m only a baby girl.

I need a new family who have got lots of time and patience to raise me the right way.  I’m very clever and I am just soaking up all these new experiences like a little sponge.

I like playing with my toys and I love playing with other dogs.  Here at The Trust I’ve been trying to get The Residents to play with me.  Zack is my hero, I just love to follow him everywhere.  Lara is so grown up and sophisticated I hope I can grow up to be like her.

Sometimes I can persuade Lara to play Tug of War with her raggy rope and I just love that.  I could do it all day, except I get tired and then I fall asleep!

If you have a space in your home and heart for a cheeky monkey who will steal your shoes or slippers then drop the humans a line and let them know!

Beau – 8 month Black/Rust Girlie

Beau has gone home to live with a beautiful brown boy called Troy and her new mummy and daddy.  She is settling in well.

Sam – 18mth-2 year old Brown/Rust Male

SamHello, I’m Sam and I’ve come to live at the Trust whilst they find me a forever family.  I’d like that.  I don’t know why I ended up in a stray dog pound when I’ve tried so hard to be a good boy.

I don’t ask for much.  I like my dinners and I like my walks.  I don’t pull too much on the lead.  I know my basic commands and I’ve done some training.  I don’t mind other dogs and I don’t mind being in the car.  I have to say, I draw the line at having a coat on though.  For goodness sake!  A coat!  I just ate the front strap off and escaped from it.  It was like a straitjacket!  I tell you these people are kind but they’re a bit mad with this dressing up nonsense.  Come and rescue me quick!

Rio – 3 year old Black/Rust Male

I’ve come to live at the Trust through no fault of my own.  I’m a happy big bouncy chap with not an ounce of malice in me!

I love other dogs and will happily run around having fun and games and I’ve lived with children before, they were great to play with.  I’ve only lived with cats for a short while and I’m not quite sure what to make of them but I think I’d get used to them.  They’re a bit weird !

I’m looking for a home where my new owners can teach me basic manners and give me plenty of exercise.  I loves to run around, I do !

3 year old Black/Rust Girlie

Hi, I’m Candy and I have just come out of a long term relationship.

CandyI am really looking for that special someone, someone I can call my own. Take long walks in the park with, stare at while they eat their dinner. I don’t mind if they have children, I really quite like them.  I like cats and I’m great with other dogs too.

I have been really comfy in my last relationship and have let my self go a little but I’m trimming down with the other girls here!

I am not one of those really demanding types, I’m happy to sit by you and just watch the world go by. If you think you are the right one for me contact the Trust and we can arrange a date.

Connor – 7 year old Black/Rust Male

ConnorHi, I’m Connor and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust whilst they find me a new family of my own.

I’ve lived with other Dobergirls and with a family and children.  I’m a friendly big boy and I just love being near you, having cuddles, being loved.

I like a good run around and I like to play with toys although I don’t play fetch.  I don’t mind travelling in the car.  I love my dinners and piggy ears. I sit nicely and I even shake paws if you’ve got something tasty on offer.  I take treats very gently without snatching at all as I’m a well mannered gentleman.

You can see more of my playtime with the residents Millie and Lara by watching my video here 

Sasha – 8 year old Black/Rust Girlie

Sasha (Indie)-012I’m a beautiful girl and can’t understand why anyone would give me away on an internet advert.  I’m living with a Dobie girl and her nice lady owner who gives good cuddles.  I know this isn’t my own home though and I want my own person to love.

I love to be with my owners and follow them around.  I’m well mannered with other dogs although I do tend to keep my distance.  I don’t want them bouncing all over me!  I might be the oldest dog in the kennel here but I can give those youngsters a run for their money! I still have loads of energy and I like to play with toys.

I just want a family of my own to love.  Could you love me too?

Denver – <1 Year old Brown/Rust Puppy Male

Denver-023Hi! I’m a typical puppy boy, all legs and bounce.  There’s no such thing in this world as too much attention and I love being the centre of fuss.  I’ve lived with children as an only dog but I do like to run and play with other doggy friends.


Vader – 2yr old Black/Rust Male

12/2: Vader is settling in to his new home with his family and his new Dobie sister

Hello, I’m Vader and I’m a bouncy boy!  Dobermann owners will know that at my age Tigger hasn’t got a look in!  Everything is just so interesting and exciting that I want to be involved in all that’s going on.

I’ve lived with a family who have small children and I love to play with other dogs.  I love it so much I sometimes suffer from ‘selective hearing’ when I’m called away.  Cheeky, I know.  But that’s me!  Cheeky Chappie!

I’m a clever one though and I learn quickly.  I’ve done some clicker training and it was fun.  My sniffy nose loved to play hunt the sausages with the Trust helpers and it would be ace to do lots more of this in my new home.

Carter – 1 year old Black/Rust Male

Carter-06712/02: Carter has gone home to settle in to his new life with his family and big Dobie sister

I’m a real live-wire and I have plenty to say for myself.  There’s a whole big world out there you know and I am DEFINITELY up for investigating every inch of it!!

These helper people at the Trust can be quite entertaining.  I like a good game you see.  They say that I train really easily but I think I’m the one training them!  I love a ball and will pay real attention to you if you have one.

I’m friendly with all the dogs I meet but I am quite full on as I want to investigate them with my sniffy nose.  Everything is just SO EXCITING!!  I am never happier than when I’ve got a new experience!

Kaiser – 4 year old Black/Rust Male

rehome a rescue dobermann today4/2: This handsome fella has gone home with his new daddy and is settling in to his new life

Hiya!  I’m Kaiser and I’m a huggy big boy.  I’m giving good cuddles to the girls here at the kennels where I’m living.  It’s a competition to see who gives the best snuggles.  I think I’m winning!

I’m looking for a new home where I can have  plenty of great walks, I love my walks.  I love to run and play with balls and toys but I haven’t quite got the hang of this fetch thing they keep talking about.

I play well with other dogs and I love my piggy ears.  I’d happily live with another girlie dog.  Can I come and live with you?

Keela – 1 year old Brown/Rust Girlie

rehome a rescue dobermann todayHello, I’m Keela and I need a new family to call my own.  I would prefer to be either an only dog or with a steady older male as I have quite a nervous disposition.

I need an older role model in an adult household to help me learn more about the world and develop confidence.

When I get to know you I’m very affectionate and loving.  I am just so scared of the world and everything in it right now that I really need someone with plenty of time and patience to help me find my way.

 Kio – 3 year old Black/Rust Boy

Dobermann Rehoming

Kio is settling in with his new family who love him to bits

Hello my name is Kio and I’m a big huggy bear of a boy.  I love my cuddles and I’ll jump up and wrap my arms around your waist to give you a big kiss in the face!  If you don’t like that, well you’ll have to teach me something you’d rather I do because I’m gonna show you love!

I’ve come to live here at the Trust since my owners had to live apart and couldn’t take me with them.  I’ve lived with older children and with cats but I’ll still chase them cos that’s a great game.

I like playing with other dogs and I can be quite boisterous.  I love a good game of fetch and footballs are ace, I can squash them flat in no time!

To register your interest in adopting one of our dogs please complete an adoption form

Lola – 2 year old Black/Rust Girlie

Rescue Dobermann awaiting rehoming30/10/12: Lola is settling in well to her new life with a big greyhound brother

Hello, I’m called Lola and although I spook at new things and can be a bit unsure of new situations, I’ve adjusted rapidly to life in kennels.

I need a family who will help me develop in confidence and maybe have another steady dog who I can get some reassurance from.  I can’t live with a very exuberant dog as I find them a bit too much and they scare me.

I’ve lived with another dog before (Daisy) and with children who were great fun.  I’m a lively soul once I’m confident that bad things aren’t going to happen.

Sasha – 5 year old Black/Rust Girlie

Hello, I’m Sasha and I’m five years old.  I’m looking for a new family to live with.  I’m used to living with children but no cats please as the chasing game is tooo tempting!

I love to run around and chase my ball and I’ll play a good game of fetch.  I don’t mind other dogs but sometimes if they’re too sniffy with me I just have to run away fast!

I’m very obedient and most of my exercise is off lead as I’m a good girl and always run back when someone whistles.  I love splashing around in water and I’m a great swimmer.

Daisy – 3 year old Brown/Rust Girlie

Dobermann Rehoming24/9/12: Daisy will be meeting potential new owners next weekend.

I’m Daisy and I’ve come to live at the Trust with my friend Lola whilst the helpers find us a new home.

We know we might not be able to live together but we’re both ready to make new friends in our new home.  I just want a family of my own again.

I’m friendly and playful with other dogs and friendly with people I meet although my confidence has been rocked a bit by all these new events.

Zee – 5 year old Black/Rust Girlie

Dobermann Rehoming23/9/12: This lovely girl met her new brother and daddy today and has gone home to settle in with them!

Hi, I’m Zee and I’m a lovely steady girl.  I’ve lived with a cat and a baby and I’m friendly with children although I haven’t lived with any.

I’ve come to live at the Trust as my family don’t have time for me any more with their new baby and work as well.  I’d like to spend more time with my new family and go for lovely long walks.

I’m friendly with other dogs and people who I meet, I love to make new friends!

Bomber – 6 year old Black/Rust Male

Dobermann rehoming28/8: Beautiful Bomber has gone home with his fabulous new family to a life in the country where he can relax and enjoy the scenery.

Hi, I’m Bomber and I’ve come to live at the Trust whilst they look for a new home for me.

I’ve been living with lots of children who have been great fun and give me loads of cuddles which I love.

I travel well in the car and I’ve lived with other dogs.  Can I come and live with you?



Dexter – 2 year old Black/Rust Male

Dobermann RescueDexter has gone to new country home to enjoy long runs on the beach!

Hello, I’m Dexter and I’m a super bouncy boy!  I am just like a huge big puppy, I’ve got boundless energy and I’m full of fun.  I love to run and play and I really love my full body cuddles where I can press myself against you.

The Trust helpers rescued me as a stray so they don’t know what happened in my life before coming here but they think that someone has been mean to me as I am a bit confused sometimes and insecure.  I’m only allowed to have children over 12 in my new family.

Rolo – 6 year old Brown/Rust Girlie

Dobermann rescueRolo is settling in well to her new home as the only dog where all the attention can be lavished on her!

Hello, my name is Rolo and I’m a little chocolate sweetie.

I’ve lived with the same family in the country all my life but now I’m looking for a new adventure!

I’ve been living with cats and other dogs and I love a cuddle. I’m always friendly but I can be a bit unsure of myself at times so I need some confidence boosting.

I love my dinners and my treats and I’ll be your best friend if you have food in your pocket!

I’m not suited to being a town dog so I’d like my new family to live somewhere nice and quiet.  Could it be you?

Prue – 8 year old Fawn & Rust (Isabella) Girlie

doberman rescue28/8: Prue has settled in to her foster family home so well that she will be staying with them forever.  Hurrah, another happy ending.

Hi, I’m Prue and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust whilst the human helpers find me a new home. A lot of people mistake me for a Weimaraner as they haven’t seen Dobermanns my colour before.

I’m a very friendly girl and I love to approach new people with a waggy stump and big licks. I’m very affectionate and I love my cuddles.  I lean on my cuddler and I’m a bit overweight so I think I’ll need a strong owner!

I’m friendly with other dogs and although I’m not a youngster I love to run and play.  I haven’t had enough running and nice walks as the Trust helpers said my finger nails were a disgrace.  I’ve had a lovely manicure and pedicure now so I’m all ready to meet the vet next week!

doberman rehomeMax – under 1 year old Black/Rust Male

26/7: Happy Max will be introduced to new owners this weekend.

Hi, I’m Max and I am a big giddy pupster!  I need to find myself a new home with owners who have time to invest in my future.

My owners taught me lots of good manners but I still jump up a bit when I’m excited.  I walk reasonably well on my lead and I think I like other dogs but sometimes when they’re very bouncy they scare me and I run away!

I’m quite tall and will be a big boy when I grow up and fill out.  The helpers say I’m handsome though and I give them cuddles to say thanks.

Jim – 8 year old Black/Rust Male

adopt dobermann rescueBeautiful Jimmy met his new family and immediately they fell in love with him.  A big sweet huggable lad he got on great with his new Boxer and Cavalier Spaniel sisters and he loves his little family.

It’s not too bad here.  The girls give me cuddles and chews.  I like it when Millie and Lara visit too and we run around and play in the field, it’s fun but my word that Lara is fast!!  She always beats me to the ball but I can turn quicker than her so I steal it away!

Hello, my name is Jim and I’m living at The Dobermann Trust whilst the helpers chat to prospective adopters who I might be able to live with.

I met Bomber, he seems like a nice chap with a waggy nubbin.  He wanted to team up with me so he followed me into my kennel to keep me company but he wasn’t allowed.

I’m a sophisticated and polite gentleman.  I love people and I love my cuddles but I’m not the most confident boy on the block.  I don’t mind other dogs with good manners and who can behave with some respect.  I like well behaved children too, my previous owners had 11 grandchildren who visited us all the time.

I travel well in the car and I’m enjoying a run around in this nice big field here so if I could have a home where people will take me for lovely walks that would be great.  I hope the helpers will bring new people to visit me soon!

Boycie – 18mth old Black/Rust Male

adopt dobermann rescue

Boycie has returned to his breeder for rehoming.

2 year old old Black/Rust Male – Sporting/working home ONLY

adopt dobermann rehome26/7: This beautiful boy will be heading off to his new home in a couple of weeks to enjoy Agility training and Cani-Cross

This beautiful, confident and charming young male is good with other dogs and people, not cats or small furries for he is quite the little hunter.

A high energy young dog with an excellent level of training and obedience which must be maintained and pushed forward.

Applications welcomed from experienced working homes where he will be channelled and challenged – agility, flyball, advanced obedience work etc.

Mannie – 6 year old Black/Rust Maleadopt dobermann rehome

5/6: Mannie has gone home with his new Dobie sister to have fun and games and nice long walks to get his weight back under control!  We look forward to seeing photos of the new fit slimline Mannie soon xx

Hi, I’m Mannie and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because I wasn’t getting along with my twin brother. Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing, right?

I’ve been living with lots of children who have been great fun and give me loads of cuddles which I love.

I haven’t had enough long walks through and my owners and the children have been very good to me so I’m a bit portly!

I travel well in the car and I don’t mind other dogs.  Can I come and live with you?

Bailey – 5 year old Brown/Rust Male

adopt dobermann rehome25/05: Bailey will be having visitors on 2 June when we hope he and his beautiful new ‘sister’ will hit it off so they can go home together for fun and games in the woods!

Hi, I’m Bailey and I’m a friendly big soul.  I’ve come to live at the Trust as my owners have a new baby and can’t care for me any longer.

I’m a giddy and friendly big boy and I say hello with a super waggy stump.  I like to play with toys. I’m good in the car and just like to lie down and take it easy.

I love sardines (a nice couple donated some for my dinners recently, thank you very much, big licks to you x).

Darcy – 2 year old Black/Rust Girlie

21/5/12: Darcy has gone home with her new family to settle in to a lifetime of love and training.

Young and bouncy, good with children and very affectionate, in need of further training.

Max – Approx 3 year old Black/Rust Male

dobermann rescue13/5/12: Max has gone home with his new family and will soon be enjoying trips to the beach and will be spending some time in his holiday home in France, lucky boy we wish you every happiness xx

8/5/12: Max has been steadily gaining weight and confidence and has visitors today although he won’t be ready to go home with them quite yet.  Let’s hope we have a happy ending soon!

Hi, I’m Max and I’m so glad I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust!  Finally, some tasty dinners!! I love my dinners, and breakfast, and lunch and supper, and piggy ears, and tripe sticks, and stuffed kongs…umm do you get the picture?  I love food, I do.  It’s a good job really since covering my skinny bones will take some eating!

The Trust helpers are guessing that I haven’t been outside of my previous backyard and I’ve been bullied by other dogs in my past as I’ve got some dead hairs around my head and neck and my poor nutrition shows in my coat and skin.  I’m a gentle boy and I love a fuss but a whole cuddle is too scary!  I’m really quite spooked by the world and everyone in it, because it’s all new.  I’m a puppy trapped in an adult body!!

I would like a home with experienced Dobermann owners, who understand Dober-boys and who are at home all day.  I need people to re-introduce me to the world in a positive way and I would like a family of my own who can build my confidence.  If you will be my family I promise I will love you forever with all of my black and tan heart, big licks from Max xx

3 year old Black/Rust Girlie

adopt rehome dobermannHi, I’ve come to live at the Trust until they find me a new home.  In my last home everything was very busy as there were 4 children and another one on the way so I haven’t had much time for walks.  I’d like to have nice walks again.

I’m friendly with everyone I meet and I will play with other dogs as long as they’re not too boisterous.  I can be a little bit timid when I first meet them.  I love a good game of tug and have great fun playing with toys.  I’m good in the car, I’ve learned it takes me to fun places! I’m not too bad on the lead but I’m sure with some more training I could be better.  I’ve got a good recall when I’m off the lead and I come when you whistle.


Otto – 8 month old Black/Rust Male

dobermann rescue rehome7/5/12: Baby Otto went home with his new family to be loved and adored – and continue his training!

Hello, I’m Otto and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust through no fault of my own.

I’m only a baby but I’ve had a good grounding in basic skills and manners so I understand all my basic commands, I could use a bit more practice though.

I’m good in the car and always friendly but a little bit timid around other dogs so I’d like an owner who will make sure I get a chance to spend plenty of time with other friendly dogs.  I love playing fetch with a ball and anything else that means interacting with my humans.

Amber – 3 year old Brown/Rust girlie

rescue dobermann rehome5 April: Amber delight went home with her new owners today and already is settling in well to her new routine.

adopt a rescue dobermann

Zara – 1 year old Black/Rust girlie

18 March: Baby Zara went home with her new family today who are experienced Dobie owners and ready to embark on a training and socialisation journey with this girlie, not to mention a bit of fussy and spoiley along the way.

Hello, I’m Zara and I’ve come to live at the Trust whilst they find me a new home.

I’m such a fidget that I won’t sit still to have my photograph taken properly so here’s a video of me running around sniffing in the field

I’m a friendly and affectionate girlie and I’ve got impeccable house manners.  I have a calm disposition and I’m not a high energy dog indoors.  I travel very well in the car and I love my treats.

I’ve lived with children but my previous owners haven’t mixed me with other dogs as often as they ought to so I’m a bit spooky around them and need to learn some doggy social skills.  I’m on a learning curve here, these Trust helpers are teaching me all sorts of things!

Saxon – 5 year old Brown/Rust male

adopt a rescue dobermann17 March: It’s a very happy St Patricks Day for Saxon who has left us to settle in with his new family

Hi, I’m Saxon and I’m a friendly big soul.  I’ve come to live at the Trust as my owners have become unwell and can’t care for me any longer.

I’m a calm and friendly big boy and I’ve lived with a girlie dog before.  I’m sociable when I meet other dogs, I say hello with a waggy stump.  I like to run after toys but I’m not so good at bringing them back. I’m good in the car and just like to lie down and take it easy.

I love sardines (a nice lady donated some for my dinners this week, thank you very much, big licks to you x).

Lexy – 5 year old Brown/Rust girlie

rehome a rescue dobermann12 March: Beautiful Lexy went home with her new owners today.  Fingers crossed she settles in and enjoys the nice long walks in the country that they have  planned

Hi, I’m Lexy and I’ve come to live at The Trust through no fault of my own.

I’m a beautiful gentle girl and I’ve been living in a very busy home.  I’d like my new  home to be with teenagers and adults (no cats) who have more time for me, where I can be the centre of attention.

I’m quite timid initially but I soon come out of my shell.  Could I come to live with you?

Ralph – 6-7 month old Black/Rust puppy boy

adopt a dobermann puppy5 March: This young man went home to become the centre of attention with his new owners

Hello, my name is Ralph and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust when I was found wandering the streets as a poor homeless orphan.

I haven’t had very much to eat recently and I am very thin but they’ve been giving me good dinners, gravy bones and piggy ears here.  I like those a lot!  I’m a very loving and affectionate boy and I give everyone kisses if they give me a cuddle.  I love cuddles and I wriggle my whole body around and lean in to make sure I am making maximum contact with my human.rescue a dobermann puppy

I haven’t been very well educated so far, so I hope my new owner will be able to take me out into the big wide world and teach me all about it.  I need to learn how to make doggy friends politely because right now I find them quite scary!  I’m learning some house manners here with the girls at the kennels who play with me in the kitchen and give me gravy bones when they have their coffee break.

Jasmine – 5 year old girlie

rescue a dobermann bitch20 Feb:  Jasmine has gone home!

Hi, I’m Jasmine and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust after being picked up running free with no owner.  Our rescue friends found my previous owners though so they know some of my history.

I’ve lived with children and I’m very confident and good with other dogs, I’m very calm friendly and affectionate and I love my cuddles at home.  I’m a high energy dog outside though and I will retrieve a ball all day long.  I love to play with toys and I love training.  I’ve had some basic training in the past and I pick things up very quickly.  The Trust helpers were very impressed with me.

Axel – 1 year old Black/Rust Male

rehome a doberman dogAxel is settling in well to his new home and has attached himself firmly to Lexi’s side.  Everywhere she goes, he goes!

10 Feb: Axel’s confidence is building quickly and he’s a speedy learner and ever so keen to please.  He walks beautifully on a loose leash 95% of the time with an occasional reminder on a half check collar.  He’s very interested in everything he sees and wants to sniff everything!  He is interested in other dogs, just entirely devoid of social skills so we’re working on that.  After he’s been introduced to a dog he enjoys running and playing, he just doesn’t really know how to do this with good doggy manners!

Hi, I’m Axel and I’m still very young and a bit timid.  I need to find a new home as my owner isn’t well enough to care for me and give me the long walks and training that I need.

I’ve lived with another girlie dog and with some small children and I love my family but because I’m quite a nervous dog The Dobermann Trust people say I should live with older children and adults only.

rehome a doberman dogI’m struggling to take in everything that’s going on at the moment.  I can see I’ve still got a lot to learn about this world!  If you think you can teach me please give the human helpers a ring or send an adoption application through.

Logan – 4 year old Black/Rust Male.

rescue a doberman dogHi, I’m Logan and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust whilst the helpers choose a new home for me.

I’m a friendly soul and just want a home of my own. As the helpers don’t know where I came from they say I can only live with older children and adults. I can live with another girlie dog though, I like doggy friends and play nicely with good manners.

rehome a doberman dogI enjoy a car journey, especially if there’s a good walk at the end of it. I am quite underweight for my build but I am enjoying my dinners here at the kennels so hopefully I will put a bit of weight on soon. It’s a very busy kennel at the moment, there’s lots going on. I’m looking forward to going home to a quieter calmer place soon hopefully.

Taz – 5 year old Black/Rust male

rehome dobermann puppy

1/2: Taz went home with his new owners today and is quite thrilled to be part of a loving family again in his forever home.

21/1: Tazzy big dog had fun playing with four puppies today.  They clambered all over him hanging off the front of his coat and giving him kisses.  He took all of their attention like the gentle and stoic big chap that he is.  We love him to bits, he is a true ambassador for our breed!

Taz is always happy to have some fuss and cuddles.  He is a big fan of piggy ears and tripe sticks and he loves a stuffed kong with peanut butter or pate.

Taz rehome dobermann dogneeds a home and family who will love him forever as the only dog (He thinks he is Mr Lover Lover with the ladies!). He has been passed around from pillar to post recently and it’s testament to his good character that he has taken this all in his stride. He has now come to live with us at The Dobermann Trust where he will be safe until we find his forever home.

Taz is good with other dogs but doesn’t seem too fond of cats. He is a very affectionate boy and calm in the home, happy to be by your side enjoying your company. He is a smart boy and with the right exercise and input will train well.

Winston – 7 year old Brown/Rust male

11 Jan: Winston is being introduced to potential adopters next week – let’s hope they’ll love this handsome big chap as much as we do!

rehome a dobermannHello, I’m Winston and I am just the perfect gentleman.  I’ve lived with three small children who are all younger than me and they’ve been my best friends. My mum and dad raised me to be a well mannered dog.  I am a big cuddly boy and I love my sofa snuggles but I won’t get on the furniture unless you put my special blanket on it and invite me to join you.

I have got a cheeky streak and will sometimes pinch things so that you will chase me.  I love my kong and a game of tug or fetch.  I like playing with other dogs too but if I see a cat you might mistake me for a greyhound I’d chase so fast!

I don’t need as much exercise as some of these youngsters – I’m happy with a 45 minute walk each day but I do want someone around most of the time as I like having company.

Dudley – 2 year old Black/Rust Male

rescue a dobermann dogHi, I’m Dudley and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because my previous owners couldn’t cope with my high spirited antics and escape artistry!

I’m told that I’m quite the looker and will turn heads in the street but I don’t have great self esteem and can be quite timid of new people and situations.

I’d like a calm home where my confidence can develop naturally and maybe an older doggy girlie who can help show me the way.

I travel well in the car and like to play with toys, any game that’s interactive with my handler is always a winner. I love learning news things and know all my basic commands.

Marey – 1 year old Black/Rust Girlie

24 Jan: Marey has settled in well to her new home and has started attending training classes to work on her doggy manners.

Hi, I’m Marey and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because my owners are going to live overseas and I can’t go with them.

I’m a cheeky monkey full of bounce and into everything! I’m good with other dogs off the lead and run around playing but just recently I’ve become a bit vocal when I see other dogs and I’m on the lead. I haven’t lived with cats or small children so a home with teenagers and adults and no small furries would be best.

I’d like a home where my owners are around most of the day and can invest plenty of time in my manners and training. I’ve got so much potential but simply haven’t been given enough stimulation or challenge lately. Come on new folk! I could do the Krypton Factor for Dogs if you’d teach me how it’s done!

Stig – Black/Rust puppy boy <12 months

rehome dobermann puppy4/12: Stig went home to his new family today to enjoy that 1:1 attention and training that  he needs.

Hi, I’m Stig! I’m a cheeky little chappie and can’t wait to see what I can get my nose into next!!

I love meeting new people and new doggy friends, I’m so excited by everything the world has to offer me I just want to investigate and be involved!!

I travel well in the car and I love to play with toys but I haven’t quite grasped the idea that if I bring my ball back the helpers will throw again.

Can you offer me a home where I can enjoy running and playing with other dogs but also give me the guidance and training that every young Dobermann should enjoy?

Millie – Black/Rust puppy girlie <6months

rescue doberman puppy3/12: Millie went home to her new family today to enjoy lots of lovely beachside walks

Hello I’m Millie and I’m only a baby doggie. I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust whilst the human helpers choose a new home for me.

I’m a bit timid at the moment but as soon as I have had a good look at a new person I run over and ask for cuddles. I love cuddles, they’re my favourite. I like my toys and I travel well in the car too.

I like other doggies and the helpers say I’m a typical giddy puppy when I run around like a mad thing playing and playing. It’s just so good to feel the fresh air on your fur isn’t it?

Toffee – 2 year old Black/Rust girlie

rescue dobermann bitch27/11: Toffee went home today with her new friend Harry the collie and his family who think she is just beautiful.

Hi, I’m Toffee and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because I couldn’t get on with cats in the home I was sold to by my previous owners.  I’m great with other dogs, really friendly and just want to run and play and I love having children around.  I just enjoy family time really.  I’m not too good in the car, I need more practice, at the moment I find it a bit creepy so I whimper a lot.    Someone made me have puppies a while ago but I’ve bounced back into shape quite well since I’m so young.  That will be a one-off because I’ll be neutered soon.

Truffle – Brown/Rust 7 year old girlie

14/11: Truffle has met her new owners who love her to bits already and has gone off to explore the 14 acres she will be calling home from now on.

Truffle is a beautiful placid girl who loves her cuddles and enjoys her walks.  She plays well with other dogs off lead and has an excellent recall.  She has lived with children and is seeking a home with loving owners who can enjoy spending time with her and where life isn’t too fast paced.

Ruby – Black/Rust puppy girl  1 year old.

I love people and enjoy cuddles and kisses from everyone, including children.  I’ve lived with other dogs but this hasn’t been entirely successful in the past.

rehome doberman puppyI’m friendly towards other dogs and and I play nicely with them when I’m out on my walks but my doggy social skills are still developing so I’ll need a home where my owners will take me out to play with other dogs every day.

I’m a medium energy dog but I’d love to learn new things…that Mister Smith doggie really knows his stuff doesn’t he?!  I bet I could be as good as him, infact I could be better but I need someone to teach me what it is I’m supposed to do.

Apollo and Zeus – Black/Rust very young puppy dogs <1 year old

rehome dobermann puppyApollo is now called Dylan and is at his cheeky teenage hooligan phase.  Luckily he’s with a family who love him very much and are teaching him how to be a respectable Dobie dog

rescue doberman puppies14/11: Apollo is settling in well to his new home this weekend

Hi, I’m Apollo (left) and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust with my brother Zeus (right), but he’s found a new family and a big grown up sister and he’s run off and left me on my own!

I’d like a family too and it would be nice to have an older sister but I don’t mind being the only dog and keeping all the love and attention for myself.

These Dobermann Trust people say that I’m a bright spark and a faster learner.  I just think they’ve got great sausage treats and they share them if I do what they ask.  You’d need to be daft not to!

Max – 1 year old Brown/Rust chappie

rescue doberman puppy29/10: Max met his new owners today and they had great fun playing, not so great that it was pouring with rain!  He has gone home with them to get his paws under the table.

Hi, I’m Max and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because my owners are working very long hours and don’t have time to teach me all the things a smart young man needs to know.  I’m very bright and just dying to learn new things!  I know my basic commands but I can learn lots more if someone would take the time to teach me.

I’m quite scared just now as I don’t really know what’s happening.  These kennel people who look after me give me cuddles and I quite like them but there’s a LOT of woofing here and I find that quite freaky.  I walk well on the lead as long as you remind me that I have to and I don’t mind travelling in the car.  I love my toys and games and my favourite is running around in a safe place with little friends.  I like other dogs and I love to play games but sometimes they catch me off guard if they’re really forward and that spooks me a bit.

I met my neighbour Sasha today and she’s great fun, we ran around playing chases, crumbs she’s got some energy!  I was exhausted after that so I had some dinner and an early night.  A boy needs his beauty sleep you know, even one as handsome as me!

Sasha – 2 year old Black/Rust girlie

29/10: Lovely Sasha went home with her new family today

23/10: Sasha met a new friend today in young Max and had great fun playing chases.  New video clip abovere

15/10: Taz and Sasha became firm friends today after a nice walk out together where they met other dogs, horses, sheep and cows. The cows were very forward and nearly licked Sasha on the nose which gave her a fright! They had good fun when they got back to the kennels playing together in our field.

rehome dobermann bitchHi, I’m Sasha and I’m nearly 2 years old. I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because my owners are working long hours and can’t give me the time and exercise I need.

I’m a fun loving and affectionate girl and I’ve lived with older children previously.  I love a good run around, I’ve got bags of energy to spare.

It would be nice if I had an opportunity to do something more interesting, maybe some obedience training or a sociable activity which involves meeting other dogs.

I like to play with other dogs but because I haven’t been able to do that very often I get really excited about it and woof a bit!

I am not a fan of cats but I don’t mind horses, cows or sheep or other larger animals.

If you think you could offer me a home, please complete an adoption application

Zara – 3 year old Black/Rust girlie

rehome dobermann29/10: Zara’s owners couldn’t bear to part with her so they’ve decided to engage a dog walker and with the help of other family members make sure that they devote more of their time to this beautiful girl.  Zara will shortly be embarking on a training and socialisation programme with her owners to make sure that she develops further as a happy and well rounded companion.

Hi, I’m Zara and I’m three years old.  I’m looking for a new home because my owners working pattern means I’m left at home a lot on my own.

I would like a new owner who is around most of the day and who can teach me new things and introduce me to nice friendly dogs who I can play safely with.  I love to learn and I train really quickly.

rehome dobermannI LOVE my ball, it’s my favourite thing in all the world and I will fetch and fetch all day long.  I also love the water and will dive into rivers and streams at any opportunity.  Swimming is fab!

I’m a little bit wary of other dogs because some of them ran up to me in the park and bit me.  I don’t know why they did that!  I woof at them now to tell them to keep away from me but if they’re nice to me then I’m happy to play with them.

Taz – 4 Year old Brown/Rust Male – Rehomed

rehome doberman16/10: This proud young man met his new owners today and has gone home with them to explore his new surroundings.

Taz is a 4 year old Brown and Rust Male who is seeking his forever home.  He has had a hard life lately living with another dog who constantly challenged him and has left him with a number of small scars all over his head, neck and body.  His owner has sensibly agreed to rehome him for the safety and sanity of all concerned.

Taz is a good looking boy and has attended regular training sessions, he loves his ball but isn’t so keen on playing fetch, preferring you to throw and Taz to play keep away!  He has been attentive, sweet and playful with all of the kennel staff and respectful and a little cautious around other dogs.  His confidence has taken a knock and he is taking time to get into the new routine of kennel life.

Tux – 4 year old Black/Rust Male – Rehomed!

26/9: Tux will be meeting potential new owners this weekend.

rehome rescue dobermannHello, I’m Tuxedo but since we’re going to be friends you can call me Tux.  I’m four years old and I’m looking for a new family through no fault of my own.  I’ve never lived with children but I don’t mind having visiting children around.  I’m pretty easy going really, the only things I don’t like are cats and sheep.

I love a bit of sunbathing as you can see, and I love to play either with other dogs or with my people.  I especially like chasing balls or a good game of tug.  I quite like it when my owner takes me jogging too.

I walk quite well on the lead, occasionally I can be a bit strong and my owner will use a headcollar which I put up with.  I’m a very gentle and quite sensitive boy and I take my treats with a very soft mouth, but I still give big woofs if I hear something that worries me or if I see a cat.  The Dobe Trust people who met me said I’m Mr Chilled Out.  I’d like a nice laid back kind of home where I can have plenty of cuddles.  Snuggling on the sofa is one of my favourite things.

Monty – 4 year old Black/Rust Male

rescue a dobermann25/9: Monty has joined his new family today and is settling in well.  His new family were pre-checked by us and on our waiting list which enabled us to make a swift match!  Register your application today if you’d like to adopt a Dobermann too.

Hi, I’m Monty and I’m about four years old.  I used to live with a Shih Tzu but now I’m on my own so I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust.

I love meeting new people and I greet them all with my waggy stump.  I like other dogs and I’m happy to play with them.  I’m a bit pulley on the lead but the new people here say it’s not too bad. I travel well in the car, I’m happy to jump right in and I either settle down for a snooze or else have a look out the window at the world passing me by.

I love my dinners and treats and piggy ears are fabby!  I’ve got good manners and I sit and shake a paw to get my treats.  I’m not a demanding boy to live with, I just want nice walks, nice dinners, nice cuddles and a comfy bed.  I’ve got that here so it’s all good right now!

Zena – 10 month old Black/Rust Girlie

rehome dobermann puppy5/2/12: Baby Zena is growing up into quite the beautiful young lady these days.  Here she is having fun and games on the beach with her owners.

rescue dobermann puppy25/9: Zena is settling in to her new home with a family who have been on our adopter waiting list for a few weeks now.  They understand how important it is to wait for the right dog.

23/9: Well, it’s been a week since I came to The Trust and I’m starting to find my feet now.  I’ve been in the car to see Auntie Emma the vet (that was scary!) and I’ve met Sasha Sandynose and the Dobermann Trust Resident Dog, Lara.

They were both nice to me but I was a bit afraid of them to begin with.  I soon realised they weren’t that interested in me and just wanted to play with our human helpers and their toys so I could take it easy.  I’m enjoying my dinners and when I’ve learned to trust a new person I’m very affectionate.  I love my cuddles and a bit of reassurance.  I’ll be back to tell you about my latest adventures after the weekend!

rescue doberman puppy

Hello I’m Zena and I’m a bit overwhelmed right now.  The world is a big scary place and I’m not really sure how everything works yet.  I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because I was living with 2 other dogs but Mrs Spaniel and I didn’t get on at all.  I need a home where I can be the only dog or with an older male who can guide me.

I need a confident Dobie experienced owner to help show me the ways of the world and  bring out the best in me.  I’d love the opportunity to go to obedience training and socialisation classes.  I’m good with other dogs that I meet out on my walks.  I’ve never been properly trained how to recall though so unless my owner likes playing hide and seek, they’re going to have to work a bit harder on that one!  I’m just settling in to my new kennel so when I’ve had a bit of time to chill out I’ll be back to tell you more.  Love from Zena x

Sascha – 4 year old Black /Rust Girlie

rehome dobermann bitch23/9: Sascha met her new owners today who thought she was lovely and have taken her home to settle in to her new routine.  Good luck sandy nose! xx

Hello, I’m Sascha and I’m four years old.  I’m looking for a new family to live with.  I’m used to living with younger children and I’ve lived with another male dog in the past.

I love to run and play on the beach where I live and if there are other dogs around I like to play with them too.  If there’s no doggy friends around I enjoy a game of fetch with my owner.

Most of my exercise is off lead as I’m a good girl and always run back when my owner whistles.  I love splashing around in streams and rivers if I find them on a walk.

I don’t mind cats, but if they run off I can’t help but chase them!  I don’t like the hoover though, it makes a horrible noise.

Shadow – 4 Year Old Black/Rust Male  – Rehomed

rescue doberman dogUpdate 26/8:  Shadow is becoming very stressed and anxious in our busy kennels and needs to find his forever home quickly.  We need a calm adult home where Shadow can be adored as the only dog.

Hello, I’m Shadow and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because my owners couldn’t look after me any more.

In my last house I lived with other dogs, but I’d like a home where I’m the only dog so I can have all my owner’s attention to myself.

I met some cats yesterday and wasn’t interested in them, I’ve never lived with a cat though.  I’m told that my new home will have only older children or adults.rescue dobermann dog

I don’t mind travelling in the car and I’m quite happy to jump straight in.

I’ve met quite a few new people since I came to live here which has been fun,  I love meeting new people!  Every new meeting is an opportunity for a cuddle and fuss.  I’m a very affectionate big boy.

The new people I met this weekend said that my leash manners need some work so I’m going to concentrate on improving that so that I can find a new home.

Drax – Black/Rust 2 Year Old Male – Rehomed

rescue dobermann dogUpdate 21 August: Drax has gone home with a lovely family who have lots of experience with Dobermann males.  He’s settling in well so far 

Drax enjoyed some playtime in the sunshine this weekend with another Dobermann girlie. Click to see a short video.

His recall is generally quite good but with the distraction of another dog around, his new owner will need to do some further work in this area.  If he’s with another dog who has a good recall then there’s no problem, he’ll follow the other dog back!

We can easily take food or toys away from Drax, he’s happy to give you anything he has including a big head on your lap to pat.  He’s a fabulous family dog and will make someone a great companion.  He’s really missing family life now and we need to find his forever home soon or he’ll become stressed in kennels.

Hello, I’m Drax and I’m a big tall chap!  I weigh in around the 46Kg mark but I’m not overweight, I’m just a big boy. I reckon I’m about 6 foot tall when I stand on my back legs.

rehome dobermann dogI’m really friendly with people strangers, I love to go over to say hello and see if I can persuade them to give me a pat and a bit of fuss.  I love being scratched under my chin.

I need a bit more work on my social skills around other dogs and livestock as I bark hello when I first see them, but I’ve got no aggression in me, my manners are just more like a bull in a china shop!

I’m a really smart boy and very quick to learn but I haven’t got any solid base of  training behind me so whilst I know some commands they’re not reliable.

rehome dobermann dogI walk reasonably well on the lead but if my super-sniffy-nose finds something interesting I pull to get over and investigate properly.

I haven’t lived with children under teenage years and because of my size The Dobe Trust people say I need to live with a teenage/adult household.

I’m settling in well to my kennel here and when I went to see the vet everyone loved me.  I’m sure someone will want to adopt me soon.  Won’t they?

Sascha – 8 year old girlie

rehome dobermann dogUpdate 2 Aug:  Sascha is being introduced to new owners this weekend.  Fingers crossed this girl settles into her new home quickly x

Update: Lovely Sascha is still looking for a new home.  She may be a bit older than some of the dogs we’ve had on our site recently but she’s young at heart and still full of energy.  She loves her walks, treats and lots of love and attention.  Please consider giving this beautiful girl a second chance.

Hello, my name is Sascha and I’m 8 years old.  All my life I’ve lived with my current owners who had older children when they brought me home.

I’ve always enjoyed fun and cuddles with the older children but now a new baby has appeared and I really do not like this one little bit, babies and small children are freaky!  So, like Nelly The Elephant I’ve decided to Pack My Trunk and find a home without them.  I don’t like cats or small furries either so best avoid them too.

adopt a rescue dobermannI am quite a petite and slight framed girl and of course I know my manners and all my basic commands.  I love my walks although I still pull a bit on the lead.

rehome a rescue dobermannI live with another girl who is a Dobermann crossbreed and we get along well.  I don’t mind other dogs being around when I’m on a walk but I’ll shout at them to say go away if they get too close to me.

I’m happy to travel in the car and I love my treats which I take very gently.  I like it best when I get my owner’s attention all to myself and cuddles on the sofa are my very favourite.

Oscar – 1 Year Old Brown/Rust Male

adopt a rescue dobermann puppyUpdate 31 July: Oscar had a nice day out yesterday and met his new family including some feline friends. He will be going home this week.

Update 16 July: Hi, Oscar here!  It’s been a couple of weeks since I introduced myself so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been learning a lot!!  My handler says that I’m a clever boy and I train really quickly.  I know all my basic commands. I can sit, down, give a paw, I come when I’m called (unless there’s another dog around) and I’ve been working really hard on the heel command.  I’m pretty good at it now.  I can walk on a loose leash as long as I’m not too excited.

I’m learning not to bark at new things and chill out a bit.  I’m starting to realise that the whole world isn’t out to get me, I can take it easy and let my handler do the worrying!  Sometimes I’m not convinced they’ve got it covered and I still get worked up but not so often.

I just love my cuddles and fuss and can’t get enough of it.  I even manage to get my handler to fuss me when I’m walking to heel – I poke my nose up under her arm and she scratches my ears and under my chin and says I’m a good boy!  It’s great!

Hello I’m Oscar and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust because my family developed an allergy to my fur.

rehome a rescue dobermannThere’s an awful lot of things I need to learn and my little brain is exploding with all the information I’m being given.  I’m finding things a bit scary right now.  Once I realise that I don’t need to worry I calm down and I’m very affectionate.  I’m a handsome chap with a coat like velvet and I lean into my owners legs so I know where they are.  I love to snuggle in beside my owner for cuddles and fuss.

I need a Dobermann male experienced home with owners who are ready to embark on a socialisation programme for me and give me the direction that I’m desperate for.  At the moment I’m making my own mind up about things and since I don’t know what anything is, it’s all a bit scary so I’m quite noisy.

Rosie – Brown/Rust 6 year old girlie

rehome a rescue dobermanrehome a rescue doberman

September 2011: Sadly when Rosie went to the vet for a routine operation we found that she was affected by von Willebrand’s disease and suffered tremendous haemorrhaging internally.  In addition, she was found to have multiple cancerous tumours internally and it was kindest to let this girlie go before she was brought round from her anaesthetic. RIP Rosie, our 2012 calendar is dedicated to your memory.

Hi I’m Rosie and I’m looking for a new home as my owner isn’t able to care for me any longer since moving into a much smaller house, it’s just not dog friendly.

I’m a very loving girl and I like nothing better than being with my owners.  I can get a bit upset when they go out and leave me but this is a recent thing since moving house, I used to be quite settled in my old place.

I’ve always lived with children and I love playing with them.  I’m ok on the lead with other dogs but when I was much younger I had a row with another dog and my owners have been very careful not to let other dogs mix with me.  I’ve lost some of my social skills because of this but I think my new owner could help me re-integrate with other nice friendly dogs if they supervise this interaction well.  I’d like some doggy pals.

I’m a laid back kind of girl and just want a home without cats where I can have a good bond with my owner and plenty of exercise.

Harley – Black/Rust 4 Year Old Male

rehome a rescue dobermannUpdate: Harley is settling in so well to his new family it’s as though he’s been there forever!  He’s taking his responsibilities as Family Guardian seriously as you’ll see from the photo here.

Harley loves his walks and he’s been out enjoying the great weather with his new pal Molly, a young Dobie girl.rehome a rescue dobermann

Hi,  I’m Harley and I’m a super friendly and cuddly big boy.  I love meeting new people and I greet them with a waggy stump.  I just love leaning into people for a fuss as you can see in this photo, and I’m never happier than when I’ve got someone’s hand petting me.

rehome a rescue dobermanI’ve lived with children and other dogs and I’m friendly with dogs that I meet on walks, I’ll run and play happily if they want to or else just wander on by minding my own business.  I’ve lived with a cat which I don’t mind but if I see one outside well, that’s another kettle of fish isn’t it?

I also love chasing rabbits or deer if I get the chance.  I never venture toooooo far though because I’m scared my owners might get lost without me so I always run back  to make sure they’re okay.  I don’t mind horses or cows whenever I’ve encountered them.

rehome a rescue dobermannI don’t like motorbikes or single decker buses or trains, and I’m not thrilled about being in the car.  It’s all a bit freaky if you ask me.  Sardine tins full of people?  What’s that all about?  Come out and play in the fresh air!  Anyway, if you fancy a big cuddle give the human helpers a ring and they can arrange our playtime.

Storm – 1 year old Black/Rust Male

Life just gets better and better for this big guy!  Since settling into his new home he’s been doing some agility training.  He’s so amazing that his trainer wants him to enter him in competitions!

rehome a dobermann puppyUpdate 23 July: Well I am just having the very best time here ever!

I love playing with my sis, Tess and my doggy pals and now Mum and Dad have taken me to these things called Agility Classes.  It’s wicked!!

I can weave, run through tunnels and over obstacles!  Lovin’ it!  Just as well really cos I’ve put on a few pounds lately!  I think I’m looking well on it though, don’t you?

rehome a rescue dobermanUpdate 6 July: Since I got to my new home I’ve been eating lots and I’ve been trying to be a good boy for my new Mum and Dad.  I go outside to the toilet, that makes them happy.  I wait in my bed while they get my meals ready, and when they are eating their food…Mine looks and smells better.  I’ve been practicing all my basic commands and I’ve been off lead, running around in the fields, and went back as soon as called.  Mum says I was a very special boy, especially as I’d just met some now friends.  It won’t last!

I know what Leave means, but sometimes I still let them chase me around the garden, especially when I stole the frozen sausages out of the sink on Tuesday, took Daddy ages to catch me!

I’m learning not to bark at other dogs when I’m on the lead.  This weekend there were even 2 dogs who went past on leads, one was really miserable and snarling and barking at me, I ignored both of them. Mummy said I was such a good boy for that.  We have now had a few days of meeting dogs when I’m on a lead I do nothing, and so I get lots of praise which is nice.

I know where I am now, I don’t have to try and be top dog, I am so much happier and calmer.  I laugh and play lots….I have my friends at doggy day care, which are great fun. I go for walks and for a run in the evening and I play lots with my sister….mind you in the week she got bored with my jumping around and biting her tail, she downed me and then sat on me!  Mum was in fits of laughter and didn’t help me….not nice. Tess is still boss over me, and then Mum and Dad. Mind you I think ‘Cat’ is the real boss, he’s even got them delivering meals to him!  Haven’t got too close to him since our first encounters when he boinked me on the nose.  Mum says it’s a work in progress.

Anyway better go, lots to do, be in touch soon. Love Storm x

Harvey – Brown/Rust young male

rehome a rescue dobermann puppyUpdate 13 June: Thanks to everyone who has applied to adopt this young man however, Harvey is now promised to new owners and will be joining them in his new home shortly.

Hello I’m Harvey!  I know there’s been another Harvey at The Dobermann Trust recently but I’m different because I’m just a puppy and I’m not black and rust.  Julie says I’m a little chocolate button!

I need to find a new home where there is someone at home most of the time because my current owners are out most of the day and I get really bored and lonely.

I’m at an age now where it’s time to learn new things and get out into the big wide world so I want someone to teach me what life is all about.  I need to know what I can and can’t do.  I’m still at that young stage of exploring things with my mouth and needing things to chew on.

rehome a rescue dobermann puppyI love my walks and my treats (I ferreted some out of that lady’s pockets when she visited but wasn’t looking. Ssssssh! don’t tell her!  It’s a secret!)

I’m learning to play fetch but if you throw the toys too far I don’t want to go and get them because I’m scared you might run away and leave me when I go to get it.

I like to be with my owner and I love my cuddles.  I’ve never been allowed on the furniture in my home but I like to chance my luck from time to time by jumping up to see if I can get away with it.

Oscar – Black/Tan young male

rehome a rescue dobermann puppy

Update 10 June – Oscar went home today to live with another crossbreed bitch who is so calm and steady she’s going to be a great influence for this bouncy young boy.

Update 6 June: Thank you everyone for your interest in this young man but Oscar is now promised to new owners and is looking forward to going home for good.

Update 1 June: Short video clip of Oscar having some fun with his little friend Lara in the garden

Update 29 May: You’ll have to be up early in the morning to outsmart this boy! He’s been with us for one week now and is learning some house manners.  He sits and waits to be released to eat his meals, he has also mastered his Sit, Come, Down, Give a paw, Give the other one and is working on a good heel on the leash.  A delightful little licky chops who just loves his cuddles and fuss

Oscar is a very young puppy who is just as bold as brass!  He is at that very inquisitive stage where he wants to explore everything and everyone and it’s all so very exciting!

He travels well in the car, just curls up for a snooze.  He’s a bit under weight but will pick up the pounds quite rapidly as he has a great appetite.rehome a rescue dobermann puppy

Loves his toys and playtime and has had great fun pouncing around playing with a 2 year old Dobie bitch.  Oscar’s frame indicates that he is not likely to grow to be a large male, somewhere around 30-35kg.

Video clips of Oscar playing in the garden click here and showing a decent recall and impressive handler focus in a young pup click here.

Coco – 5 year old Brown/Rust girlie

Update 8 Aug 2011: – Coco now plays with other dogs on the park (still a little bit barky sometimes as she’s still that little bit unsure), she’s got lots of hair where there were bald patches (albeit of the tan colour rather than the darker brown) AND she seems to be reasonably tolerant of riding in the back of my old Land Rover (well, who wouldn’t be eh ?! – but I think that’s because she now knows it takes her to all the fun places). All in all, a VERY good result after only 9 weeks or so. Oh, and the wife bought me some really good Coco-walking wellies as well…. Brilliant all round !

June 2011- I’m having great fun going to the park with my Dad a couple of times a day.  Mum’s out at work, but I can still steal her socks and take them to Dad to show him I miss her.  That always gets me a cuddle!

rehome a rescue dobermann

rehome a rescue doberman

Khan – 4 year old Male

rehome a rescue dobermann Update 26 May: Khan went home with his new owner today and has lost no time in investigating all of the garden, made himself snuggley comfy in his new bed and enjoyed a big bone!

Hi, my name’s Khan and I’m a four year old neutered male.  I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust through no fault of my own.

I’m a pretty laid back kind of chap but I’ve been a bit too well fed and could stand to lose a couple of kilos.  I’m 38Kg just now.  I’ve got some manners, I know how to walk nicely on a leash without pulling and I can sit when I’m told to.   I don’t mind travelling in the car, I just lie down and have a snooze until we get there.

Irehome a rescue doberman can be a bit barky on the lead when I meet other dogs but there’s no malice in me, I’m just shouting a big hello.  Sometimes other dogs don’t know this and if they shout back and show me their teeth and I find this a bit scary and back off hiding behind my handler if they do that.  I need an experienced home where someone is able to give me plenty of exercise and burn off these extra pounds.

Harvey – 2 year old Black/Tan Male

rehome a rescue dobermanI’ve got a little collie friend called Skye who I love running around with.  My family have taken me to the seaside and I’m having the best time being part of a family again.  Life is good!

Update 21 May: Harvey met his new owners today and was on his best behaviour.  He’s off home now with them for love and cuddles after he’s had a bath, the smelly boy (he still loves rolling on the grass getting mucky).

rehome a rescue dobermanrehome rescue dobermanUpdate 15 May: Harvey has been in kennels for quite a while now and is becoming increasingly stressed and starting to lose weight.  Dobermann males all bond strongly to their owner and without an owner to give direction little Harvey is wondering what to do with himself.  He’s  been friendly with all people, dogs and animals that he’s encountered and needs to go home to family life and the big cuddles this boy deserves.

rehome a rescue dobermann

Hi, I’m Harvey and I’m living at a kennel in Yorkshire after the dog warden took me there as a stray.  I’m about 2 years old with a tail and everyone says I’m a lovely friendly bouncy boy.

I love my  dinners, treats and toys and I love playtime.    I’m quite strong on the lead and will need a bit more training to walk nicely without pulling.  I’ve still got a bit more growing to do to ‘fill out’ !

I need a home where I can have at least two walks a day as I need plenty of exercise.  As the DobeTrust people don’t know anything about my 2 years so far they won’t let me live with small children but I’d love a family of my own and they’d let me live with older/teenage children.

I’ve been friendly with dogs of all types that I’ve met and just love to play and play!


Sally – 9 Month Old Brown/Tan girl – Rehomed

rehome a rescue dobermann puppyUpdate 15 April: Sally went home with her new owners today and has already destroyed a frisbee and made herself Georgia’s little baby!  See more about Sally in her new home on our Facebook page.

Update 20 March: Sally met with her new family on Saturday and it was love at first sight!  After a nice walk they all had great fun running around playing in the field and Sally took great delight in covering all of us in mud! Mucky Pup!  Sally will be joining the family in 3 weeks time when she settles into her new home.

Hello, I’m Sally and I’m only a baby girl.  I’ve come to the Dobermann Trust because my owners have split up and moved away.rehome a rescue dobermann

I’ve been living with three children who have been my playmates and kept me entertained.  I love being stroked and groomed and I don’t mind a trip out in the car from time to time.  I’m friendly with other dogs and always willing to play chasing games.

I’d like a home to call my own where I can have nice long walks and get plenty of exercise.  If you think I could be part of your life please get in touch with The Dobermann Trust.

rehome a rescue dobermann

Rehomed – Theo – 1 Year Old Black/Tan Male – Video clip available here

rehome a rescue dobermann Update 13 April: Finally!  Little Theo will be meeting his new ‘sister’ and family this weekend.  Let’s hope everything goes well and this young chap can look forward to a bright future with them.

Update 31 March: Young Theo remains in our kennels and is still looking for his forever home.  Although we have had many enquiries about this friendly and energetic young one we are still waiting for the ’right’ home for him.  He needs someone experienced who will train and socialise, who is home most of the day and who has no cats or small furries.  A clever, willing and affectionate boy he just needs someone to love.

Update 24 March: It was a beautiful sunny day today so someone thought it would be a good idea to give me a bath!  I quite enjoyed the rub-a-dub-dub fuss but it was a very weird sensation when the water was poured on!  I’m all shiney and clean now.  We then went for a lovely long walk in the fields to dry off.

I met a horse and lots of different dogs and it was nice to say hello to them all and have a sniff.  I did get a bit too sniffy with a hot girlie Doberman but she told me right off and that was the end of that!  I also learned how to jump into the back of a car and I’ve started to twig that it’s not a good idea to pull on the lead, it’s better to walk at my handler’s heel if I want to get where I’m going.

Update: 5 March – Theo accompanied me on a lovely outing today with lots of different dogs and he was very well behaved.  Very polite with other dogs and very interested in all the people and smells around him.  He responded well to a little bit of lead training and I feel he will be an easy dog to train.

Hi, I’m Theo and I’d love to meet someone who can give me a new forever home.  My owner has become quite unwell and isn’t able to look after me any more so I’m not able to have the nice long walks that I need.adopt a rescue dobermann I’ve been living with some cats and Jack Russell Terriers who just had puppies who are so cute but tiny!  The puppies have fun playing with me but I really don’t like the cats.  I’m a bit of an intellectual and I love playing games that make me think hard, or playing with puzzle toys like Kongs and I love my ball but I don’t fetch, playing keep-away is more fun!  I’m quite strong on the lead so my owners use a headcollar but I’m a smart cookie and I learn fast so maybe my new owner can teach me some new tricks?  I’m clean in the house and I know my basic commands: I can sit, give a paw, lie down and I always wait for my dinner before I start eating.  As you can see in my picture I LOVE having my tummy rubbed.  I’ve still got lots to learn about the world so I need someone to continue my socialisation.  The kennel people are nice but they’re not MINE, I want a family of my own again.  Will you be my new owners?  If you ‘phone Julie she can arrange for you to visit me! Lots of love from Theo x

Princess – 6 Year old Black/Tan female – Rehomed

Update 10 April: Princess has settled into family life on a farmadopt a rescue dobermannwith many different animals.

Hi I am Princess and I am just like my name !  I am a fine boned, petite and refined elegant Dobergirl.  I don’t like the rain and I walk around puddles if they’re in my path.  It just wouldn’t do to get one’s paws all wet you know!

Everyone thinks I’m still a puppy because I’m slightly built and so playful with other dogs and people but I’m a grownup really.

I walk quite well on the leash and I always come when called.  I love to chase a ball and play a game of tug but my very favourite toy is a squeaky pig.  I’ll do anything for you if you’ve got a squeaky toy!  I’ve met horses and pigs and I don’t mind them, I’m interested in cats but only in a playful way.  I’ve lived with young children and I’m looking for a family of my own now.

Woody – 6 year old Black/Tan Male – Rehomed

Update 8 April: Woody has settled in to his new home as though he was always there.  His  new Dober-sister loves snuggling up with him on the sofa at night time and his new family are loving their new addition.

Update 27 March: Woody met a new family and their Dobermann friend today and has gone home with them for a trial period to see if he finds their garden interesting enough and if their girlie will let him share her comfy sofa!

adopt a rescue dobermannUpdate 21 March: Woody will be meeting prospective adopters and their Dobergirl on 27 March.  Fingers crossed this big boy will be a gentleman with her!

Hello, I’m Woody and as you’ll see from my photograph I’m quite a big chap!  My owners are going away to live in a flat and will need to work longer hours.  They contacted The Dobermann Trust because they decided that I should go to live with someone who can spend more time with me.

I’m quite an obedient big boy and I enjoy the good things in life, yummy dinners, running around in the woods and big cuddles with my owner.  I can be strong on the lead when I’m going out on my walks because I’m excited to be going out for fun and I usually walk nicely on the way home.  My owner sometimes uses a headcollar which stops me pulling.

I live with a cat just now but we’ve got a deal where we keep away from each other, I don’t like other cats or small furries and I will chase them off.  I quite like to play with other dogs and when I’m off the lead I run over to say hello.  I have lived with children, but really, I’m just too big and bouncy to be able to play nice with little ones so an active home with older children would be best for me.  If you think I could be part of your life please call and tell us.

Brooke – 10 Month old Black/Tan Girlie – Rehomed

adopt a rescue dobermann puppyUpdate 20 March – Brooke has settled into her new home as if she’d been there all her life!  She’s already growing in confidence and has met some new doggy friends and is enjoying playtimes with them.  This smart girl is soaking up all her learning points and instructions like a little sponge and is already very well mannered!  Good luck to this little one, enjoy all the good things your future has to hold x

Update 13 March – Brooke met her new owners today and liked the little snacky treats they brought her, so she has packed her bag and gone home with them to see if there’s more where those came from!

Hello, I’m Brooke and I’m finding life a bit overwhelming right now.  My owners have moved into a house where they couldn’t take me with them and I’ve come to live at The Dobermann Trust.  I’m only little and I’ve been living outdoors in a kennel with my friend who is a German Shepherd.  She was a more grown up girl and I’ve followed her lead in everything, so now she’s not here, I’m a bit lost and lonely.

I would really like an owner who is home all day and who can spend some time with me to help me grow in confidence.

adopt a rescue dobermannAlthough I walk nicely on my lead and I know how to sit and give a paw, I’m sure there’s loads more I could learn if someone would teach me.  I’d like my new owner to be patient and kind and introduce me to the world gradually so it’s not such a scary place.  As I haven’t really got to grips with this world yet, The Dobermann Trust think it’s best if I’m the only dog in a home without children where I can have all the attention to myself.  Lucky me!  Lots of love from Brooke x