Is A Dobe For You?

A Dobermann is the most demanding, loyal, mentally agile, alert, energetic, fun loving and affectionate dog that you could ever hope to own. The question is…..can you live up to the high standards they demand of their owner?

Your Dobermann wants your undivided love and attention and will get in your face and on your lap to make sure they get it!

Rescue Dobermanns need plenty of exerciseDobermanns are a working breed and need plenty of daily exercise – at least 90 minutes a day.  They need to run free to burn off their excess energy which if they don’t get it, will be diffused throughout your home.  A tired dog is a happy dog.  Lack of exercise will lead to your dog becoming bored and frustrated and this is often when undesirable behaviours will creep in, chewing, barking etc.  It is not enough to open your door and let a Dobe play in the garden.  They need structured walks and socialisation with other dogs and people.  All Dobermanns will excel in their chosen work, whether that is Obedience, Flyball, Agility, Schutzhund, Heelwork to Music, Cani-X or just being a companion to you whilst you cycle on your bike!  Finding an activity that suits you and your dog is part of the fun!

Dobies are very intelligent and can quickly assimilate information therefore they are very easily taught.  Just because you’ve taught your dog how to do something, don’t think this smart breed won’t then find 101 ways to disobey you!  Can you train your dog using mental challenges and give them the leadership they need to respect your commands?

Rescue Dobermans can be a great family petDobermanns bond to their family strongly and have a need to be with them, in the thick of it, monitoring all that’s going on.  Some people have concerns about whether a Dobermann is suitable to live with children.  There is no easy answer to this, it all depends on each individual dog.  If a Dobie is of sound temperament and character (not fearful) and has been raised with children previously, and the new home has well behaved children who know how to interact with a dog appropriately then a Dobe can be a wonderful family pet.

If you spend a lot of time away from home a Dobe is not for you.  No dog should be left alone for extended periods of time but with a Dobermann about 4 hours a day is your absolute limit.