Millie’s illness

Some of you have been asking why the long absence and the delay to our re-opening…so we should explain.

Firstly, earlier this month Julie and Lara went to the Czech Republic for specialist IPO training with a handful of fellow Dobermann dog sport people leaving Kevin, Zack and Millie holding the fort at Trust HQ.

Then, the same day that Julie and Lara were due home, Millie came down with a mystery illness and was in some considerable pain and distress.

Multiple trips to the emergency vet, many many tests, scans and x-rays and no real progress meant that we had to decide once more whether our girl could cope with exploratory surgery.

Millie is 8 years old now and as you all know she has been through so very much. It was suggested that perhaps it wasn’t fair to subject her to further surgery and distress. We discussed this together and after hugs and tears we agreed that those big brown eyes had fight in them and once more, if she was ready to fight, we were here to fight for her.

Millie underwent exploratory surgery (and spay) after which initial information gathered wasn’t terribly positive. She appeared to have had some internal bleeding into her stomach although the surgeon was unable to locate any source for this! We feared the worst.

Off we went, back to the wonderful specialist who saved her 15 months previously. Another round of tests and gastroscopy (camera into her tummy) where biopsy samples from inside her tum were taken.

He has confirmed what we already knew, Miss Millington is a complicated case! There has been nothing significant to indicate any major problem. Her pain is under control now and she is eating and weeing and pooping again. Biopsy results have shown nothing conclusive.

Millie is back home again and is catching up on some much needed rest.

It’s been very difficult to write this. When Millie came to us 18 months ago it was as a Trust rescue dog who we were fostering and who we would rehome, just the same as all the other Trustees.

As you know, we’ve been through so much together and the bond she has with Kevin is quite something else. This has been a really personally distressing time for us and it’s not over yet. Praying for a speedy recovery for our beloved baby Millington moo