Millie in Danger – We Need Your Help!

Millie is just 5 years old.  She was used as a breeding machine and was heavily pregnant when she was kicked out in the street, picked up by the dog warden and taken to a pound which then had an outbreak of Parvovirus.

She was rescued by The Dobermann Trust and given sanctuary in a safe and loving environment where she gave birth to 8 healthy puppies – this may be her 8th litter!!  Millie has been a loving and fabulous mum.

Yesterday evening she developed bloat which we identified very early and rushed her to the vet where she underwent emergency surgery. She is recovering at the surgery and hopefully will be allowed home to her puppies later today.

The vet bill stands at over £1200 for us to save this girl. If you agree with us that she is worth every penny and deserves the very best life a Dobie could ever wish for….Can you help us pay this bill ?

Please donate – even £1 will make a difference.