June is National Microchipping Month

During the month of June most microchippers are offering discounts on their regular price.  Take advantage of this and get your pets chipped this month.

In the worst case scenario if your dog gets lost and ends up in a stray pound which isn’t in your area and isn’t microchipped you may never be reunited with them.  Many stray dogs are put to sleep every week after serving the statutory 7 days for reclaiming by their owner.

The first thing the Dog Warden does on picking up a stray dog is scan for a microchip.  The owner is contacted to come and fetch their pet.  All of The Dobermann Trust dogs are microchipped before leaving for new homes.  This ensures that they can always be traced back to us if they are ever found to be lost or strayed and will never be in danger of being put to sleep if they reach 7 days in a pound.

Make sure you don’t lose your beloved for the sake of a £10 microchip that is fitted in less than 5 minutes.