Introducing Max

We’ve had a tough, emotional time at the Trust recently, so now we’re in a position to tell you a bit more about one of our recent additions

Firstly, let us introduce Max to you.

His past is sketchy to say the least – sadly he’s not chipped so we can’t determine his age or his vet history. We collected him from a Council Pound on Bank Holiday Monday and we are nursing him back to health.

He is in a dreadful condition. Very underweight and trauma marks and skin lesions all over his body. The photograph tells it’s own pitiful story.

Naturally Max is not available for rehoming at the moment.  Our vets have checked him over and taken some skin samples for analysis. We’ll keep you updated with his results.  In due course we will be seeking a very special home for this very special and loving but scaredy boy where someone will love him back to life.