The role of Fosterer is a very special one within The Dobermann Trust.  You need to be able to provide an experienced loving temporary home for a Dobe and have plenty of time to spend with each dog to assess their needs.  This is critical in ensuring that the dog is correctly matched with a new home.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, read on!

Often rescued Dobes will be untrained and without basic house manners, but others will have some behavioural issues like dog to dog aggression, chewing, bin raiding or howling when left.  The very special role our Fosterer fulfills is to have time and patience to work through these with each dog and to feedback this information to the rehoming officer.

Each dog is discussed with the potential foster home, with a clear disclosure of any and all issues and characteristics that the dog is known to have.  Advice and support on any aspect of the dog’s care is available to the fosterer throughout.  There is no obligation for the Fosterer to undertake the care of any particular dog if they feel unable to.  The last thing we want to do is upset our dogs or our foster team by making a bad match.

Each Foster applicant must be home checked in exactly the same way as a prospective adopter.  If a foster home already has dogs then they must also have the facility to keep the foster dog in a secure and separate area.  Remember, when the foster dog arrives it will be scared and uncertain and will need a space of its own to feel safe and secure in before meeting any of the rest of the doggy family.

Vets bills are paid for by The Dobermann Trust whilst a dog is in foster care.

If you’d like to be considered as a foster home, please complete the form below in the first instance.

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