Other Rescue Centres

We try to publicise the Dobermanns who are in all-breed rescue centres around the country to help them find loving forever homes with experienced Dobermann owners.  None of these dogs have been assessed by The Dobermann Trust and all information on them comes directly from the other rescues.

Gracie – 1 year old Dobermann Cross girlie – Rehomed

Gracie is a beautiful 1yr old loving, dog friendly Dobermann cross. She is a huge favourite with everyone at the rescue!  Her tail is always wagging and she is so happy all the time.

Gracie kennel shares with other dogs she is also fantastic in the car. The ideal home for Gracie would be with an active and fun family who enjoy long walks and playing games.  She is also very clever and loves to learn new things.  Gracie will need a child free home with no small furries.

Please contact Animals In Need in Little Irchester, Northamptonshire – : 01933 278080


Zeus -5 year old male Dobermann – NOW REHOMED

Zeus is a big boy at 48KG and he is 5 years old.  He is a castrated male Blue and Rust Dobermann.  He is good with teenagers and other dogs but is quite strong on the lead so he is walked on a halti.  Zeus will need further recall training as he is not reliable off lead at the moment.

Very friendly temperament, Zeus has lived with cats previously but will chase ‘unknown’ cats outside.  He is being rehomed through no fault of his own due to his owner becoming unwell.  He has had 2 homes previously and needs an experienced Dobermann owner to help him with further socialisation and training. His vaccinations are up to date and he is microchipped.

Contact: Jerry Green’s Dog Rescue, Notts Tel: 01623 792886

Tess – 8 month old Dobermann girlie – Now rehomed

Tess is a blue/rust Dobermann girl in the care of Lizzie’s Barn Sanctuary in South Wales.  She has had a horrible start to her life having been kept outside in a shed with her brother (who has now been rehomed).  Tessie is a lovely friendly girl and despite her age she approaches everything like an 8 week old puppy.  She needs a loving family who are home most of the day to take care of her, ensure she is fully socialised and trained and provide her with a lifetime of love and affection.

As with all good rescues, adoption applications must be completed and vet references and home checks will be required.


Ben – 7 year old male Dobermann – Now Rehomed

Hello, I’m Ben and I’m currently living at the Blue Cross rescue in Bromsgrove in the Midlands.  I’m a friendly big boy and I could live with another nice calm dog and older children but not cats.  I’m friendly with other dogs.   I love to run and chase my tennis ball and play with my doggy friends here at the centre.  You’ll see I have a few baldy bits on my face from an old skin infection but it’s all sorted now.  A bit of parasite treatment once a month and my whiskers will be good as new in no time! I may be a little bit older than some of these other pups here but with age comes wisdom.

If you’d like me to come and live with you please phone my human helpers Kate or Kelly on 0300 777 1460

Zara – 4 year old Dobermann girlie – Now Rehomed

Zara is an ex-breeding Dobermann bitch who has had a very hard life so far.  She has a nervous temperament and would best be suited to being the only dog in a home where she can have all the love and affection to herself.

Zara is in the care of the team at the Dogs Trust in Merseyside and you can call them on 0151 480 0660


Keera – 8month old Dobermann cross girlie – Rehomed !

Keera is in the care of West Yorkshire dog rescue having been rescued at the tender age of 12 weeks and sadly, now returned to rescue by owners who couldn’t cope with her energetic and boisterous ways.

Keera needs an experienced home who are willing to invest some time in developing this girl to her full potential.  With great drive and energy, Keera could easily compete at agility or flyball when she has fully matured.  Until then her new owners will need to embark on a programme of socialisation and obedience to ensure that she develops into a well rounded individual.

Keera is good with cats and other dogs and would benefit from the guidance of an older male dog to build her confidence.

Please contact Kathy on 07711 617148 or email [email protected]

Diesel – 5 year old Dobermann cross male – Now rehomed

Diesel is a calm and loving companion dog.  He is black and rust, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, 5 years of age with a tail.

Diesel is being rehomed by his owner through no fault of his own.  He would benefit from a home where there is someone around most of the day as he loves human company.  He has not lived with another dog previously and isn’t good with other dogs or cats when out on his walks.  He loves to play and knows his basic commands.  He is clean in the home and well mannered.  He travels well in the car with only a little whine occasionally with excitement.  He loves to watch everything that’s going on with a wag of his tail.

Diesel has been rehomed.

Peaches – 6-9month old Dobermann cross girlie – Now rehomed

PeachesThis little cheeky faced baby girl is currently in a pound in Lancashire.  Assumed to be around 6-9 months old she was dumped to fend for herself (how can people do this!!?)

Peaches, as staff have named her, is a Dobermann cross – probably crossed with a Labrador or similar.  She is a petite and affectionate little girl who has anything but the best start in life.

Peaches - Dobie CrossShe is bouncing back nicely from her past experiences and needs a loving and understanding home with people who have time to invest some time in socialising and training her.

Peaches is full of energy and bounce and desperate to learn new things.  She’ll make a fabulous and loving companion given the right input.

If you can offer this baby girl a loving home please contact Georgina on 01254 233 702

Anthony and Cleopatra – Rehomed! 

These two delightful Dobies are in the care of Many Tears Animal Rescue.

Anthony, green collar, approx 8 years and Cleopatra, red collar, approx 4 years are seeking a home together

Their foster carer advises that they are lovely affectionate Dobes who adore everyone and will become very loyal to their special people. They may have lived outside previously due to their coats and condition but the toilet training is getting there and they’re very keen to please. They’re good with other dogs, do not chew or steal things and can be left for a reasonable amount of time with the run of the house.

Cleopatra is a true Velcro Dobe in and out of the house; her recall is excellent as she likes to stick very close to you. She walks very well on the lead and is respectful and easy in the house.
Anthony is a sweet yet cheeky old man; in the house he’s stick to your hip and will nudge you for attention, this boy just desperately wants to be loved and would be more than happy to sit there all day long being stroked and cuddled. He walks well on the lead but his recall is a work in progress as he’s a bit of a wanderer when out in the fields. He’s a very loving Dobe who deserves a comfortable home and someone special to care for him in his later years.

These two adore each other and really need to stay together in an adult only home.
If you can offer them a loving forever home, please contact Many Tears Animal Rescue

Dexter – 18 month neutered male Dobermann – Rehomed

Dobermann seeking new homeDexter is currently in the care of the Dobermann Welfare Association in South Wales.  He is a fabulous well built dog of around 40kg with great house manners.  He will walk on a loose leash and knows all his basic commands.  He has a highly tuned chase drive and will not tolerate cats or small furries.

Enquiries to Sue James on 01685 844362

Archie – 8 year old Dobermann Male – Rehomed

Archie hasn’t had the best life in his eight years but he’s thanking his lucky stars that Denise at Gray Matter found him when she did!   Riddled with worms and struggling to bear the weight of his slight frame Denise and her team are slowly managing to change this older boy’s life for the better.

Archie is a very timid, frightened and confused boy.  He is in foster care where his carer is trying to build his confidence and persuade him that there’s a big world out there that can offer him great fun.  Right now, Archie isn’t seeing things that way.  Terrified of his own shadow this boy looks at things as ordinary as some flowers in the garden as though they’ve just landed from Mars!

Fascinated by life in general it appears as though Archie has never known what it is to have a normal doggy life, to have nice dinners, lovely walks and owners who love him.  If you could offer Archie a permanent loving FOREVER home and help him settle into normality please call or email Denise on 01628 524610

Marley – 2 year old neutered Dobermann Male – Rehomed


Well done Dobermann Trust fans!! After seeing the beautiful Marley on this site the lovely big boy went home with new owners and has been making himself very comfortable indeed.   Hurrah!  We LOVE a happy ending!

Update 19 May: This little cheeky face is likely to be making his way to a new home soon!  Home checks in progress for his forever home.  Fingers crossed as this sweet boy deserves a bit of good luck. xx

Update 10 May: Marley’s tail is healing but still very fragile.  One thwack on the wall and it could be back to square one.  He needs to be out of kennels and into a loving home ASAP.  Please help him.  Call David or Anna at the SSPCA Glasgow today

Update 4 May: This lovely boy is still awaiting his forever home and URGENTLY needs out of kennels.  In all his excitement and desperation for love and attention he has damaged his tail.  This is a difficult injury to heal in a kennel environment can become infected and require an amputation of the tail.  If you think you can offer this boy a home please come forward and let the SSPCA know.

The SSPCA in Glasgow, Scotland have a 2 year old Dobermann male named Marley, who needs a new home.  He has previously lived with another dog and with 2 cats and small children.  His owner recognises that a young Dobermann requires considerable input and exercise daily which she was unable to provide.  This young chap needs a fresh start with someone willing to put the time and effort in to ensuring he is a well rounded, social and well mannered individual.  Although Marley has lived with cats in the past he is still a very young and boisterous dog and whilst it is felt that he will acclimatise and accept life in a home with cats, a careful and gradual introduction will be necessary.

Contact David or Anna at SSPCA Glasgow 0141 882 1688 any day 10am – 4pm

Dobby 5/6 year old male Dobermann – Rehomed

Everyone is quite thrilled that this lovely chap now has his forever home.  Good luck to you Dobby!

At this age our 5 yr old male dobermannDobby is in the prime of his life!  He’s such a big gentle boy who loves his cuddles and who is very sociable with other dogs.  He has beautiful manners and has clearly had lead training previously as he walks nicely to heel on the lead without any pulling and has good recall when off the lead.

He is well mannered around food and will sit for treats and take them gently.  A very easy dog who is very loyal and well behaved.

He has received some training previously as he knows all his basic commands. A really wonderful gentle boy who is looking for an active family home. Dobby can live with other dogs and children.

Contact Jane or Emma at Pampered Pets Rescue in Suffolk Tel: 01728 747760