Buying a Dobermann from an Internet Site

We’ve all seen the internet sites offering second hand items for sale.  Unscrupulous people frequent these sites to try to pick up dogs free of charge or cheaply for bait in fighting, puppy farming, back yard breeding or simply just to sell them on and make a fast buck.

People who sell dogs on internet sites are often just trying to recoup their costs and rarely have any concern about the health and welfare of the dog.  Others are just naive about the harsh realities of these operations.

The dog will often be passed from unsuitable home to unsuitable home in a confused and disoriented state.  They will tell you whatever they think you want to hear to get rid of the dog and take your money.  PEOPLE LIE!

If you choose to buy a dog from a site such as this, frequently it will not be as you expected or as it was described.  This can be expensive, irritating to you, inconvenient if you choose to manage within the position you find yourself in, or downright DANGEROUS to you and your family.

Despite what requirements you’ve articulated and the promises you’ve been given, this can mean you get a dog:

  • You absolutely can’t cope with because the breed is too demanding and high energy for you.  These people offer you no information or guidance on suitability
  • That is aggressive towards your children because it’s  never been socialised with or raised with children
  • That is aggressive towards other people in your home or outside your home
  • That is aggressive towards other dogs
  • That tries to eat your cat or other pets
  • That has ongoing health problems which you are not prepared for
  • That you have absolutely no support in dealing with any of these things and no way back, because the person who sold the dog to you used a mobile number and now there’s no reply!

These are the phone calls that rescues such as The Dobermann Trust receive EVERY DAY.

Naturally, all Dobermann rescues will do as  much as we can to save the lives of these dogs, rehabilitate them and find them a home with an understandng owner who will love them forever.  They are not all so lucky.  Rescues have limited spaces available based on limited funds.


Adopt responsibly, or you’re part of the problem too.