Do Not Leave Your Dog Unattended

There have been a series of incidents whereby members of the public have tied their dog up outside a shop and returned to find the dog has been stolen.  Don’t kid yourself that your dog won’t just go with anyone.  Unless your dog is seriously human aggressive they CAN and WILL be stolen if you leave them alone unsupervised.

Do not tie your dog up and leave him/her unattended.

More alarmingly there has been an increase in the number of dogs which have been stolen from parked vehicles in supermarket car parks etc.  Some of these dogs have been reunited with their owners, many have not. 

Do not leave your dog unattended in your car.

One dog recently stolen from Tesco’s car park in the South East was a young whippet called Rebel.  His owners were frantic at the loss.  They did get their dog back…here is the email they sent this week to DogLost who tried to help all lost dogs.

Rebel has been found.

He is in a bad way with horrific injuries and we don’t know if he’ll pull through. He was found with his throat ripped apart and other severe injuries. We’re unsure if it was a road accident or more likely, what we first feared….that he was used as bait for dog fighting.  Or even if he was injured as he was dragged out of the broken car window when he was stolen.

He is at a vet’s and will remain there for several days.  Poor little guy managed to wag his tail when he saw his owner, despite the agony he is in.  If there is any justice in this world, then those who did this to him will suffer the same fate.  I hope and pray this poor boy recovers from his terrible injuries.

Don’t let this happen to you or your dog!