Christmas Appeal

Each year those of us who have dogs of our own consider what delightful treats we can bestow upon our beloved canine companions to ensure that their Christmas is as enjoyable and decadent as our own.  A new bed perhaps?  Tasty Turkey dinners?  Doggy treats?  Toys?

Spare a thought at this time of year for those dogs who are not part of a warm and loving family.  Those Dobermanns who are abandoned, strayed, rescued from desperate situations.  Those dogs who were last year’s Christmas puppies who have been kicked out to make way for this year’s new ‘toy’.

These dogs come to us at The Dobermann Trust where we love and care for them until we can find their forever homes.  Our role is to keep them safe and warm, healthy and well fed, exercised and stimulated and of course, to match a loving forever family to them  ASAP!

Can you help us make their Christmas a bit more comfortable?  Can you help make their  Christmas without a family just a little bit easier?

Will you be their Santa Claus this year?  Can you buy one of these needy Dobes a Christmas Present?  A piggy ear, a rawhide bone, a new coat or kong?  Extra love and cuddles come free of charge!

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