Can You Help Sponsor a Kennel?

Can you help pay for a kennel to keep a Dobermann safe from harm?  A pound a week goes a long way!

Each day we are having to face the very difficult decision of which dogs we can accept for rehoming.  The top priority is always the dogs in Council Pounds who would be put to sleep if we didn’t take them in.

We can’t allow that to happen so we must work harder and smarter and fundraise our little socks off to save these Dobes, who have already been badly let down by previous owners.  These dogs would die without our help.  We also need to help the dogs who are being surrendered by owners whose personal circumstances have changed dramatically preventing them from keeping their dog.

Right now we have more dogs than we have money to pay for them.  On average we spend over £200 on each dog, some have cost us several thousand pounds in medical fees in addition to kennelling and food bills.  Can you Sponsor a Kennel to help support our beloved Dobes?