Millie in Danger Again!!

5/6: Millie is back home and is now recovering from specialist surgery.  She is very tired and very thin after her ordeals but we believe she is now on the mend and the surgeon expects her to make a full recovery!  Gentle nursing now for our little girl to get her back on her feet.  Our bills are just short of £4000 to save this girl. 

31/5:  Millie suffered a 5th bloat and stomach tubing on 29th.  She is today with a specialist vet having a series of expensive tests conducted hopefully to determine why this is happening.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that we get a conclusion and a positive outcome!

28/5: We are all so terribly worried about Miss Millie who is once more in the care of our vet.

Millie has now bloated FOUR times in just three weeks!!

She has also been diagnosed with pancreatitis (inflammation of her pancreas), metritis (inflammation of her uterus), a possible mammary growth, low calcium levels (treated with medication) and her gut motility or digestive system is in some way impaired.    Millie continues to take antibiotics to combat any infections within her system and other medications to keep her tummy settled and encourage it to move normally to give her every chance to pull through the tough times she has ahead on her road to recovery.

Millie seems to be unable to process food normally and the next step will be to do an endoscopy (camera down her throat) to view what her stomach is doing internally and if no conclusion is gained from this we will then need to give her a ‘barium meal’ where dye is used to trace how food and fluids progress through her stomach and intenstines.  These are both expensive procedures which will cost around £1500 EACH!

Our vet bills for Millie are now well over £2100 on treatments to save this girlie and it’s far from over yet.   We are so grateful to those kind and generous donors who have pledged funds to help us with these bills.

Please, if you can afford anything to help us pay for Millie and make sure she recovers and goes on to have a fabulous life, make a donation today. 

If you are able to hold a fundraising event to raise money for Millie we would be very grateful.

Thank you everyone for your continued support to Millie, and to us, on what has been an emotional rollercoaster.

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