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All of our dogs come with 4 weeks free pet insurance and a Dobermann Rehoming advice pack including pet food.

All of the Dobermann Trust dogs have been treated for fleas, worms, microchipped, and vaccinated and must be neutered.

As we have dogs coming in all the time please familiarise yourself with our adoption procedures and complete an adoption application if you can offer a loving forever home to one of the dogs in our care.

Gracie – 2 year old Brown/Rust girlie – rehomed

GracieRun15/01: We are delighted that Gracie is meeting a new family this weekend and hope that all goes well.

I’ve not had the best start in life but things are looking up!  I’ve been living with my Trust Foster Family for a while now.  They’ve helped me to learn new ways to cope with every day life and I’ve made huge progress.

I am feeling braver now and it’s time for a New Year and New family!  I am ready to venture into the big wide world and find an owner who will help me develop to my full potential.

I will be sad to leave behind my foster mum and dad and my two Doberchums and the cats, but I would like a home of my own with people who are around most of the day and can give me time, love and patience.


I’m energetic and I love to run and run, as long as I have one eye on where you are!

I’m also a very clever girl but because I’m a bit worried about everything I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on what I’m being asked to do, but I’m getting better at this.

I am very loving and affectionate and I love to snuggle in and have my ears rubbed.  I’ve lived with a cat and I don’t mind other dogs once I’ve got to know them.


Beau – 2 year old Brown/Rust Girlie – Rehomed


Hi, I’m Beau and I’m young and bouncy and I’ve got energy to spare.  I love nothing more than games of fetching, chasing and running.  I love to run.  I’d like a home where I can do some training.

I’ve been to obedience classes when I was younger but I can learn loads more.  I’d love to do some kind of sport.  Those A-Frames and seesaws that you see in Agility look fantastic fun and the dogs who run in Flyball relay races with tennis balls are having a great time too.  I could do that!  I could do anything with the right owner.  I don’t think I could live with a cat though or anything small and furry and no small people thanks.  Big grown ups are best I think.

I don’t mind car journeys so we can go anywhere!  Come on!  What are you waiting for?  Let’s GO GO GO!!!

Loki – <1 year Black/Rust Girlie- Rehomed

photo 6

Hello I’m Loki and I’m only a baby girl.

I need a new family who have got lots of time and patience to raise me the right way.  I’m very clever and I am just soaking up all these new experiences like a little sponge.

I like playing with my toys and I love playing with other dogs.  Here at The Trust I’ve been trying to get The Residents to play with me.  Zack is my hero, I just love to follow him everywhere.  Lara is so grown up and sophisticated I hope I can grow up to be like her.

Sometimes I can persuade Lara to play Tug of War with her raggy rope and I just love that.  I could do it all day, except I get tired and then I fall asleep!

If you have a space in your home and heart for a cheeky monkey who will steal your shoes or slippers then drop the humans a line and let them know!




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